AJC Design Engineering
Sheet Metal Design 2

AJC Design Engineering by Andrew Coleman offers Mechanical Design Services within the field of Product Design. I am a design engineer with an engineering and artistic background. I design products that not only look nice, but also function and can be manufactured.

I have 22 years experience of designing a wide variety of products from concept through to production. I am a firm believer in the design philosophy "simplicity in design, economy in production" and always strive to put in the extra effort to provide simple solutions to complicated problems.

3D CAD Design and the production of Engineering Drawings with SolidWorks are core competencies.

My office is situated near Odense on the Island of Fyn in Denmark. I work from my office or customer sites as required.

For inquiries, contact me on +45 22 99 45 90 or e-mail ajc@ajc-design.dk.

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